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Cannabis Talent Search & Scout Recruiter

The Cannabis Job Board | First Shift (Day) | W2 Full Time
Posted: 1 month ago
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    Los Angeles, California - United States
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    Human Resources
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    Nov 25, 2023

Are you passionate about helping people? Do you have a talent for helping people bring their skills to life?

If so, we want to talk to you.

This is a newly created role, but one of the most important roles within our organization.

Job Title: Cannabis Talent Search & Scout Recruiter

Pay: $15.00/hr

Location: In Office Los Angeles, CA and/or Remote

Still interested?

Here's what you will be doing exactly:

You will be reaching out to people who are not and are currently working in the cannabis industry to learn more about their knowledge, skills, abilities, and talents. The goal is to not only learn about them, but encourage them to create a profile on, and truly showcase their talents.

* Research people who are doing great things in the cannabis industry specifically as well as other industries.

* Make phone calls, send emails, attend events to scout amazing talent who will be a true benefit to the cannabis industry.

* Tack all activity via loom, zoom, and Saleforce CRM

* Attend company meetings

Part-time or full-time contract to start out. This is the first hire for this role in which we hope to convert into a full-time role where this role will essentially manage a global staff. We are committed to getting this role right, so we're not looking to just hire ANYBODY to fill the role. We're looking to hire someone who wants to come in at the ground level and grow with us as an organization. Who see's the vision and is committed to executing.

Are You A True Fit For Our Culture?

Listen, we are an unconventional company looking to hire amazing people for their talent and passion around helping others.

We're looking to hire someone who's hungry, resilient, loyal, inquisitive, and looking to elevate and create a better version of yourself.

You should have a street-smart, suit and tie kinda go-getter (gender does not matter here - everyone is treated equally) hustle to yourself. An entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial spirit.

You must:

* You're passionate about the cannabis industry.

* Be able to show your value because you are competitive and like to push beyond the limits (ethically).

* Be computer savvy - can research and put things together. Experience with, Google Drive,, Dropbox, LinkedIn.

* Have experience being accountable for performance delivered (performance metrics, MBOs, Quotas, etc).

* Be able to influence people to take action in a positive way so sales, recruiting, real estate, telemarketing, retail, marketing, business, or customer service experience are all great skills to have.

* Be a team builder, player and motivator

* Have really great positive energy.


* You're well networked within the cannabis industry.

* You enjoy traveling domestically and internationally.

* Would love to host (or be a part of hosting) networking events / parties

* You're creative and ready to contribute in a valuable way

We want to meet you. Apply today!

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