We Know Your People Are Your Most Important Asset.

It doesn’t matter how good your Cannabis and Marijuana product, or service is or how hot the industry is. If you’re not hiring strategically, with team structure and dynamics in mind, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

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Your people strategy matters…
and that’s where we come in.

The Cannabis Job Board is the worlds #1 online jobs and hiring platform where employers like you can brand, find, pre-screen, interview, post screen, check references, and hire the very best hemp, marijuana, and cannabis talent across the globe. Our innovative talent search and hiring technology will help you build quality, high-performing cannabis teams, with synergy, and in record time. Sign up for a free company account now to get access to industry’s #1 network of talented cannabis professionals.

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How We Help You Acquire Your Most Important Assets.


Tell Your Story & Attract Talent

Great hires want to know about your company and the type of impact that you bring to the world. If you want to attract the very best talent, showcase your brand and jobs on The Cannabis Job Board and increase your exposure. Elevate your value proposition today,



Receive new, relevant candidates delivered to your inbox daily when you advertise your job openings on The Cannabis Job Board. Get the quality candidates you need who are passionate and ready to use their skills in the Cannabis industry.

So, What position do you need to fill?



Connect with candidates who are passionate about bringing their talents to the cannabis industry using our Resume Search And Match feature. Jumpstart your hiring by inviting cannabis candidates to apply and standby via online chat to converse and encourage them to apply.


20+ years of candidate pipelining, sourcing, recruiting, screening, staffing, and hiring experience – and roots in the cannabis ecosystem since 2014 – we know how to attract, identify, and engage talented professionals using cutting-edge technology and a personalized hiring experience.

  • 1 Post Job
  • 2 Invite Applicants
  • 3 Manage Received Applicants
  • 4 Screen & Hire Process for In-take Applicants
  • 5 Send Rounds Follow-up Request to Applicants
  • 6 Generate Offer to Applicant
  • 7 Offer Negotiation & Re-generate of Offer
  • 8 E-signature to Generate Offer
  • 9 Hire Candidate


Complete Screen & Hire

The entire hiring process belongs to you. The Cannabis Job Board is not just a mere job board, but a full hiring platform where employers (like you) can post open jobs, search resumes, and find matches, screen talent, interview (video, etc) and extend an offer right here on the platform.

Let the TCJB platform do all of the work for you to hire directly from your desktop or your mobile phone. Or, simply integrate TCJB with your applicant tracking system (ATS) and we can support the work that you and your team do internally.

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The Cannabis Job Board is the #1 Hiring Platform for the Cannabis, Hemp, & Marijuana Industry.

The Cannabis Job Board is the #1 tool and resource you need to give you hands-on recruitment
assistance from start to finish designed to meet your business needs:



Advertise your cannabis brand and post your cannabis job opportunities. Turn on the chat feature to engage directly with talent to move the hiring process along faster and with more efficiency. Meet your next great hire here at TheCannabisJobBoard.com.



Do a custom resume search and experience the match by connecting with qualified candidates who are experienced or looking to bring their experience to the cannabis industry. Invite candidates to apply, chat directly with the candidate and fill your open cannabis roles using TheCannabisJobBoard.com.



Conduct the complete hiring process right from your desktop or mobile phone quickly and with ease. Search, match, pre-screen, schedule and conduct video/phone/face-to-face interviews, assess technical & behavioral skills, drug testing, reference checking, present the offer and schedule the start. Everything all in one-place.

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Listen, your next hire is here. We help you accelerate and streamline your entire hiring process from your desktop, smart tablet, or mobile phone using innovative, video-driven experiences, SMS text, chat, events, offer management, elearning, community, and an unmatched integration into your talent acquisition ecosystem.