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General Manager

Ramona, California - United States

GR Collective

Ramona, California - United States

  • Posted: 3 weeks ago
  • W2 Full Time
  • 2 Years
  • Not Disclosed

MANAGER – SoCal Cannabis Company Seeking a General Manager to take a leadership role with a young cannabis brand located in SoCal.  The ideal candidate will be responsible for all operational oversight of scheduling, production, cultivation, distribution, and other key areas of growth. They will take over an existing team, while also looking to expand rapidly with...

United Kingdom

  • Posted: 3 weeks ago
  • Freelance
  • Open
  • £10000 - £14000 Per

Come join our UK cannabis website as an editor: Blog, Podcast, Events, Activism, CBD, THC, Edibles, Weed, Podcast, News, Community, Buy Cannabis UK, buy UK CBD Flowers, UK Cali, UK Cali Weed, Cali Weed UK, cannabis scotland, british cannabis, uk weed, british cannabis culture, uk cannabis events, how to grow cannabis outdoors in the UK, highandpolite, leafie, leafly, weedmaps, ...

blog, podcast, admin, computers


Los Angeles, California - United States

Buds & Roses

Los Angeles, California - United States

  • Posted: 1 month ago
  • W2 Full Time
  • 1 Year
  • $22 - $26 / Hourly

We are looking for quality budtenders who know how to provide excellent customer service in an environment that deals with all age groups and all different ethnicities. We expect our budtenders to be as knowledgeable as possible about the products that they sell to our customers, which consists of staying on top of the different brands and products that we carry. Working at our...


Herb Shop Associate (Retail)

Colorado Springs, Colorado - United States

HR Branches

Colorado Springs, Colorado - United States

  • Posted: 1 month ago
  • W2 Full Time
  • 3 Years
  • $16 - $18 / Hourly

Of course, customer service and communication play crucial roles in this position. From daily transactions and interactions with our regulars, to returns and refunds, to unusual customer scenarios – we are seeking someone who can handle themselves in a kind and professional manner in all circumstances! Duties for this role include, but are not limited to: · T...

Customer Service, Cash Register, Cash Handling, Inventory Management, Retail Management

United States

  • Posted: 2 months ago
  • Contract Full Time
  • 2 Years
  • Not Disclosed

Grobright will provide our representatives with the following: Curated lead list  10%+ Sales Commission  Sales support and marketing materials Responsibilities: Record monthly and quarterly sales and performance goals to ensure they are being met Qualify incoming leads so appointments are arranged as fast as possible to provide an excellent cust...

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