Resume Search And Match Solution

Connect with candidates who are passionate about bringing their talents to the cannabis industry using our Resume Search And Match solution.


  • View “Living” Resumes in Detail to see what each candidate has done in their past, what they’re doing now, and what they have the potential to do in the future – know their WHY.
  • Send Invites to Candidates to let them know you’re interested – they immediately receive your Invite Notification via email and SMS Text
  • Get Responses and Chat with Candidates directly to answer any questions about the role you’re looking to fill and encourage them to apply
  • Get a Customized Employer Profile Page to showcase your brand, increase your company’s brand awareness and to attract the very best talent
  • Showcase Your Employer Brand and Company Culture by sharing videos, and showing the work that you and your team are currently doing to innovate, solve challenges, and give back
  • Manage Your Account individually or give your team access and track your people, hiring activities and processes (we help keep you compliant)
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