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Cookies Ceo Berner Is The First Cannabis Ceo To Cover Forbes




Whether you live in a place with legal access to cannabis or not, there's a good chance you've heard of Cookies. If you are in the Cannabis Industry, you have heard of his business. Berner has built one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. Before this, he was a rapper and his music was criticized, but it only motivated him to do better. The same can be applied to the Cannabis industry. 


“What would worry me is if no one was talking about my business,” Berner said.

“When you’re being talked about, you’re doing something right.”


Cookies CEO Berner scored the biggest win this year when he beat colon cancer. Berner was diagnosed in the fall of 2021 but has since shared that he’s in remission. Berner has stated he wants to increase cancer awareness while making medical resources more accessible.


The co-founder and CEO of San Francisco Bay Area-based Cannabis Company Cookies own 55 retail marijuana locations in 12 U.S. states as well as Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, and Spain. Cookies remain the exclusive supplier of Khalifa Kush in Nevada and California. At 38 years old, there is no limit to what he can accomplish. Berner, the Cookies founder, is also a Latino cannabis trailblazer.


Beyond the company's 55 cannabis dispensaries, Cookies is also known for the popular clothing line of the same name that's sold around the world. You can locate Cookies hoodies in a US clothing chain, in the company's two clothing stores, and being worn by Berner himself. The clothing line by itself scored over $50 million in sales last year, which Berner himself confirmed on a podcast interview late in the year 2021. 


Cookies have a unique business structure which is the foundation of Berner’s fortune. O’Malley’s report indicates that Cookies “sells 70 strains of weed and 2,000 different marijuana-related products across its 48 stores in seven countries and 20 states.” Because of this business structure, could allow Berner “to buy out local partners and create a unified multibillion-dollar cannabis conglomerate,” according to O’Malley Greenberg.


Ad Age named Cookies one of 2021’s hottest brands in any industry, making it the first cannabis brand to receive the honor. O’Malley Greenberg's report on Hip Hop’s wealthiest artists, the five top earners in rap are valued at $3.8 billion combined. Berner’s net worth is clocked at $410 million (just $10 million shy of that magic number). Berner’s near 30% ownership venture in Cookies and combined equity in dozens of other cannabis venues put him among the wealthiest artists. As of this summer, Insider labeled Cookies a $1 billion empire. Cookies landed Berner on the cover of Forbes in 2022, making him the first cannabis business owner to land on the cover of that magazine since it was founded back in 1917. The Clio Awards honored Cookies' excellent marketing.

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