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Finding A Job In The Cannabis Industry When You Have No Previous Experience


The cannabis industry keeps getting bigger every day, and because of this fact, most cannabis companies are in dire need of employees to meet up their needs to expand. It will shock you to know that the cannabis industry badly needs professionals like finance managers, marketing and branding experts, and HR practitioners just like every other industry.  Since it's a rapidly expanding industry, lots of jobs are opening up by the day, and guess what? Lots of those positions may not require experience. Read on to find out how you can find a job in the cannabis industry when you have no previous experience. 

Do Your Research

This is the first and most important step because there are so many fields that range from cultivation, administration, marketing and software, among many others. Finding out as much as you can, will help you find firms that will accept you based on your talent, skills, and ability to learn on the fly. The idea is to get in where you fit that's all. Researching properly will get you better informed about what the various businesses are, their operations, and how you fit in and match their brand personality.

Attend cannabis conferences in your area.

You should attend as many cannabis conferences as you can. Networking with professionals in the industry is a great way to learn about cannabis and the industry first-hand. Try taking a printed version of your resume because while meeting people, someone might just ask for it. More importantly, by talking to people in the field, you get to find out how well you fit in. Who knows, you might even get to meet that contact that gets you into the industry. 

Get Some Education

If, after your research and information gathering, you find out that you do not have the training or know-how to work in the industry by all means possible, get it! It might just be a diploma, certification, or a course. Just about anything that would allow you to fit into the industry. Your passion is not enough. Find out what you need to know and KNOW it.

Sell Yourself 

Write a professional cover and resume that simply emphasizes your experiences and responsibilities from past jobs (if any). The important part is to show how well you fit into the firm you are applying to. Dwell on what you bring to the table, not what you don't have. Remember to be as professional as possible in your use of language and try to tailor your resume to suit the different companies you apply to since they all have different needs.

Prepare To Be Interviewed.

Take your interview seriously. If you follow all the steps above to the letter, you will get called for at least one interview. When this happens, dress and act like a professional. Show the interviewers how much of an asset you are, especially your willingness to learn. Never take things for granted because it's a casual affair. It is a business! 


Follow these steps religiously to find yourself a job in the cannabis industry, and you can start by uploading your resume and getting the resources you need at

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