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Top 10 Cannabis Software Companies


In the last few years, the market for legal cannabis has grown very quickly. It has also led to a boom in the IT industry because of the rapid growth of the cannabis economy, which has seen the emergence of several top tech companies in the cannabis field.

As more and more states legalize marijuana somehow, there is a horn of plenty of new tech startups and weed tech companies that are changing how the marijuana industry works and interacting with its growing number of customers.

According to research, sales of legal, medical marijuana in North America totaled more than $10 billion in 2017. In 2016, the amount was $6.7 billion.

States across the globe continue to resurface from the COVID-19 cloud, and some continue to seek high growth with numerous industries that will see them have the upper hand in revenue. In 2020, sales from medical marijuana hit $20 billion, with 2021, which seemed to be more promising, and they are projected to surpass $30 billion in 2022.

As of 2023, more than 300,000 people will be working in the cannabis industry. Cannabis is just another type of commodity when you look at it from a bigger picture. It's surrounded by every kind of business you can think of, and it's in an ecosystem of services, softwares, apps, and stocks.

According to a study by Cowen and Company, the legal medical marijuana market is projected to grow at 20-30% each year. By 2026, it would have reached 50 billion.

When people shop for medical marijuana, they want to buy their favorite strains, oils, tinctures, edibles, or even ointments as quickly as possible.

This could be possible through online shopping with on-demand delivery or a cannabis dispensary.

Ganjapreneurs and budtenders need marketing automation tools and customer relationship management to manage their product catalogs, keep their customers updated through offers, loyalty programs, promotions, and keep track of their finances.

It is easier to apply for a cannabis job without necessarily doing it physically. This is a dream come true with the help of several cannabis tech companies promoting career progress by bringing jobs remotely to the seekers.


Which are The Top Tech Cannabis Companies?

With the help of technology, growers and manufacturers can ensure that each plant and product is adequately tracked with proper seed-to-sale systems.

This is just a tiny part of how much tech software and technology there is out there.

  1. Cannabis Job Board

The Cannabis Job Board is a job search and interactive hiring platform that helps professionals identify jobs and connect with organizations within the cannabis, marijuana, and hemp industries. It will help to understand their mission, vision, and culture - and find meaningful work that they enjoy doing - and get hired - without ever leaving the platform.

The weed tech company also works very closely with employers to help showcase their career opportunities and company brand, identify great talent, and hire using our patent interactive hiring process without ever leaving the platform. 

We help people find career opportunities in the cannabis industry.

We help employers fill their career openings with quality people who genuinely care about the work they are doing.

  1. Leaflink

To be a founding member of a team that will see a cannabis startup grow, you should be able to adapt and take on new tasks that push you out of your comfort zone.

Leaflink is a SaaS platform that allows licensed cannabis shops to order cannabis products from their favorite brands and gives them a wide range of software tools to run their businesses and grow.

LeafLink has always tried to set a company culture of standards for how medical marijuana companies and retailers work together. LeafLink has more than 2,300 dispensaries and 600 major brands in several states.

With intentions to help ventures and capital firms operate seamlessly, the company is ready to change the wholesale cannabis market. The company was recently named one of the fastest-growing innovative Enterprise companies with Slack, VMware, and Amazon.

  1. Puffco

Puffco is a vaporizing company that started in 2013. The company is known for its award-winning vape designs and cutting-edge cannabis concentrate technologies.

With these companies proving that job seekers stand great chances of getting hired online, the Los Angeles-based company makes a variety of easy-to-use and attractive devices for consuming cannabis concentrates.

Puffco's product line, including the Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak Pro, and Plus portable vape pens, has won numerous awards for its outstanding technology and unique storage solutions.

The company has recently advertised jobs on developers, engineers, and operations directors online that have helped improve the cannabis work culture.

It could help if we noted that in the cannabis space, not all jobs involve touching the product. You do not have to be a budtender to work in the cannabis space.

You may work remotely as a customer care attendant, finance manager, sales agent, or social media manager for cannabis tech startups. It will help you create a work lifestyle you genuinely love.

  1.  Weedmaps

WeedMaps is one of the leading sources of cannabis Technology and softwares that have helped the cannabis industry grow a great deal.

Founded in 2008, the cannabis tech company was built on the belief that cannabis has great potential and that giving legal and safe access to people worldwide is very important.

Because of this, WM Technology has worked tirelessly to build a complete platform for consumers to rely on and software solutions that cannabis startups need to run legally in the space.

They help advocate for legalization and fairness in many jurisdictions and help people learn more about the plant by working with dozens of experts.

The goal of WM Technology is to make the global cannabis market more transparent and inclusive. It's now in its second decade.

WM Technology has been a big part of most of the legislative changes that have taken place over the last decade.

Some of the company cultures include:

  • Eleven holidays paid by the company
  • Catered snacks and lunch during office hours
  • Snack boxes that get delivered to your doorstep if you are working from home
  • Casual working environment
  • Virtual monthly happy hours
  • All-hands meetings (quarterly)

Weedmaps is a tech company that offers equal opportunities to job seekers. They consider applications without looking at the color, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or sex.

With great strides in the cannabis tech space, the most passionate and intelligent job seekers stand the next job in helping systems develop services and marketing channels that may serve the cannabis space for years from now.

The company uses an E-Verify government database to confirm the eligibility of employees.

  1. Green Thumb

Green Thumb is a medical marijuana consumer packaged goods retailer that promotes the well-being of people through the power of marijuana while giving back to communities.

Since its establishment in 2014, the Green Thumb tech company has employed over 3,400 people. As well, they serve thousands of customers and patients each year.

With a team that has been growing since 2021,

Green Thumb was listed as the number two tech company on Craig's Chicago list.

As the company creates more markets in dispensaries and medical marijuana stores, it means nothing but more job opportunities for professionals who intend to work in the cannabis space.

  1. Connected Cannabis Co.


Connected Cannabis Co. is a vertically integrated medical marijuana company for the cannabis industry.

The giant tech cannabis company expands rapidly with the constant hiring of workers for its departments within the company.

With determination to offer high-quality services, the company seeks future employees who would like to impact their Careers, generate new ideologies and tackle new challenges.

  1. KushCo

KushCo is a company that operates legally in the cannabis space that offers opportunities and helps people create the work lifestyles they genuinely want by focusing on providing ancillary services and cannabis products to the legal CBD cannabis industry.

A recent merger announcement with Greenlane company intends to offer exceptional customer service, high-quality products, local presence, and compliance knowledge to its diverse customer base.

Their target markets have helped the tech company create more jobs, including licensed producers (LPs),  brands, and multi-state operators (MSOs).

As a pioneer in the cannabis industry, the company's culture is to impact both the society and environment positively as well as the community through ESG and CSR initiatives which include;

  • Donating personal protective gear (PPE) to healthcare providers at the forefront in fighting COVID-19
  • Offering compostable and sustainable packaging and partnering with like-minded organizations like Mission Green in offering social equity programs that will enhance industry inclusion.

The company intends to build a better work rapport by being amongst the first cannabis tech companies to offer paid time off!

  1. Parallel

With an average of 400 global employees, Parallel health tech offers jobs that range from marketing, data analysis, operations, design, and product sales. The company also cultivates, processes, and produces cannabis for medical use.

The company culture includes remote work programs. Hence, not all jobs involve touching the products. Other health benefits that the company's employees get to enjoy include;

  • Dental benefits
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Paid holiday
  • Vision benefits

The company appreciates the tireless efforts of its workers by offering performance bonuses and paid sick leave.

  1. Eaze

Eaze is a cannabis on-demand startup.

California's biggest cannabis marketplace delivers medical cannabis with joy while offering convenience to its customers.

The 2014 startup has over 279 employees that help cannabis users break barriers to cultivation, access, and use of cannabis in the community.

With about 7M medical cannabis deliveries up-to-date, working with ease may be your next job since they are committed to creating a sustainable and diverse cannabis industry through social equity programs and momentum business accelerators.

  1. Akerna

Akerna is a cannabis enterprise software company that creates a worldwide technology ecosystem for marijuana.

Some of the benefits of using the Akerna software include:

  • It simplifies business growth.
  • Optimizes operations
  • One only pays for what they see.

Akerna compliantly serves the CBD, cannabis, and hemp industries. The Colorado-based Company intends to create an accountable and transparent cannabis supply chain through cannabis technology that connects data points across the world's cannabis supply network.

By using well-connected information, the tech software company empowers its workers, patients, businesses, consumers, the government, and stakeholders to make intelligent decisions.

The weed company's key technology, MJ Platform, is one of the world's leading infrastructures as it powers retailers, service platforms, manufacturers, brands, cultivators, and distributors.

Akerna equally offers a complete professional suite of consulting services & data analytics for cannabis startups, including 365 cannabis, solo sciences, Leaf Data Systems, MJ Freeway, Trellis, and Viridian Sciences.

Cannabis Tech: Wrap Up

If you are looking for more purpose-driven work where you can upskill, reskill, and unleash your potential doing work that you love in the cannabis industry, upload your resume, create your account at The Cannabis Job Board, and get hired.

If you're an employer looking to hire genuinely talented people who are passionate about their work and passionate about the cannabis industry, schedule a call now or share your open career opportunities here.

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