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How Do People In The Cannabis Industry Find Employment


Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world as more companies continue to spring up. One of the questions job seekers consistently ask is, “how do people in the cannabis industry find employment?” If you’re looking to take your existing skills and apply them to this ever-expanding industry, here are some tips you may find helpful.

  • Seek out the niche 

The cannabis industry comprises many sectors such as retail, cultivation, science, patient care, research & development, packaging, distribution and more. Before you start sending out your resume, you might want to decide what sector is right for you. To do that, here are some questions you should ask yourself: 

  • What do you enjoy? 
  • What are you talented at?
  • What kind of environments do you thrive in?
  • What are your goals? 
  • What inspires you? 

The key to have a successful career in the cannabis industry is doing what interests you and choosing a sector where your talents may be best used. 

  • Search online job boards 

For those looking to find employment opportunities in the industry, the importance of using online job boards cannot be overemphasized. Job boards let you search for jobs by location, salary, type and title. Many are updated daily, giving you continuing access to jobs as they’re posted. 

  • Do your homework

Many people assume that getting a job in the cannabis industry is a walk-through, so they seldom put in adequate efforts like they do with other industries. This is a wrong attitude you don’t want to have if you really want to find employment. The fact that employers are promoting cannabis doesn’t mean they’re not serious business people, so make sure you do your homework in advance. Research the companies that invite you for an interview to know as much as you can about the company as this will send a message that you’re eager to work with organization. 

  • Know the proper cannabis jargon

An excellent way to prepare to work in the cannabis industry is to learn the proper cannabis jargon. There are a lot of slangs that have gained widespread use but are not the standard words to use to describe things related to cannabis. For example, cannabis has a lot of names like grass, pot, weed and reefer. However, the standard word is ‘cannabis’. Even the word ‘marijuana’ isn’t the right term to use as it is a Mexican slang. Be sure to know the proper jargon so you can fit into the industry. 

  • Show that you’re a fast learner 

While it’s not a requirement for you to know a lot about cannabis or even have any experience to apply for jobs in the industry, a crucial trait that employers look out for is your willingness to learn. The simple truth is: cannabis is a whole new industry, so things will continue to change for a while. Employers lookout for people who are eager to learn and flexible so they can adapt to the many changes going on. 

  • Practice perseverance

Like every other industry, there’s no guarantee that you will land your first job right after an interview with the first company. It’s okay to have expectations and want things to turn out in your favour for you quickly, but never give up until you find employment.  



If you want a cannabis career, you have everything to gain by following the tips shared above as they can help you land your first job. A good way to start job hunting is by visiting The Cannabis Job Board as there’s a good chance of finding employment there. 

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